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Hoorey!! Finally I found someone who agree with me = ). Usually, people would say " No, you're wrong". "You should go study at kindergarten one more time" and some had said "you're so stupid".

I just simply replied to them, " Yeah, you're mathematician.."

Since I was 15, I have started come out with contradict fact of calculation method. Almost everyday before I go sleep, my mind will playing with these 10 digit numbers. 1,3,9,7,8,2,4,6,0,5. I myself sometimes think why there are no scientist or mathematician invent or find one more digit number? I quite boring playing with these digit numbers. I wish they will find more digits. the more the better.

If there is another one or two digit numbers in the world, I pretty sure, everything around us will be changing radically. Try to think as high as Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower. What is the greatest technology on the globe if Al-Khawarizmi Jr. found 1 more number a decade ago? Of course, we can't answer the question because the technology would be beyond the aerospace technology.

Now, try apply the reverse thinking method. What will happen to the shape of triangle(three-angled shape) if there is no number three?

There is no accurate answer since those situation have not happened yet.

Is 1+1=11? I pretty sure some of you will starting agree with me. This is common sense, right? How about 100+100 ? The concept sugget that 100+100 is 100100. This is very simple. Only human being could calculate such thing. I believe even mathematician's culculator can not calculate it.

Why I said like that? This is not because I almost failed in my calculus 1 and calculus 2 tests. I actually practicing economics concept in the numbers. economist said " If you invest USD 100, you might get 200 or maybe you lose it. It is very simple. I believe you dont need further explaination.

Last, but not least, Thank You Dr. Robert (not the right name) because you agree with me.

Later I will prove to you, 1+1=11.


kaklong said...
February 26, 2009 at 6:10 PM  


There's one way you can do that you know. In programming, instead of declaring the variable as an integer, declare them as string. So, if string a = 1 and string b = 1,

string lala = a + b = "1" + "1" = 11


syahirisme said...
February 26, 2009 at 8:06 PM  

lol. thank you kak for the opinion. Yeay, I knew another way to solve the prob! =)

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